When the Only Way To Live,

Is To Be.


The Authentic Self

is less about the photos and more about you - & documenting you at your core, in this very moment.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

-Maya Angelou

One of my biggest passions has always been humans - and from that came people watching, came documenting them, deepening my understanding of the human experience throughout. I have been learning more about how we operate, how vulnerability & genuine intimacy is the goal, & how we, as a collective, are learning to connect deeper to ourselves and others. While integrating into my own embodiment of Self, I have been left with more curiosity than ever to see, affirm, & document others during different stages of their own journey.

Leading up to our session we will spend time talking about the season of life you are in, what it all means to you, how you want to be seen, & why you feel called to have this version of you frozen in time. If you need to talk through ideas or create a starting point, let's collaborate. If you want to talk about what you've been moving through, I've got the desire and willingness to listen. If you've got a whole vision, let's make it a reality.

Each session will be unique in itself. The Authentic Self sessions will be priced at $650, payment plans are available. Each creative portrait session will last up to 2-hours, outfit changes are welcomed, & delivery of high resolution images will be delivered via an online downloadable gallery with printing rights. Together, we will brain storm ideas of what your vision looks like & how to bring that to life. For further information, please fill out the form below! I look forward to connecting & witnessing all that unfolds.

This offering will be an evolving process, & I cannot wait to see where it takes us.