Bennett Family \\ Farewell Harrison House

Moving in? Moving out? Been here a while? It is always the perfect time for an in-home session. When the Bennetts were looking to say goodbye to their gorgeous Shelbyville home and move through this transition in their life, a quick photo session in their empty home was necessary to memorialize the beginnings of raising 3 under 3 in this precious space that held so many of their memories. 

What I love about in-home sessions is the way the nerves seem to fall away faster in the familiarity of your own home, and we get to those smiles and faces you recognize in your children during the day-to-day much faster (and us adults, too!). While I will always capture that perfect group photo, I will also document the beauty in what daily life looks like for you. For the Bennetts, sometimes that includes big feelings, a quick snack break, and dance parties!

There is something so whimsical, gentle, and magical in witnessing the care and love of children. Especially witnessing kids being supported & encouraged to express their wiilllllldd selves. Family photography is a favorite of mine, and I will always encourage an in-home session to put this moment in time, with you & yours, in a lil time capsule to cherish forever. How precious is this moment.

If you've been considering an in-home session & have a few questions, feel free to get in touch with me via my contact form! Cannot wait to hear what you've got in mind. :)

Warmly, Jas

Intuitive Storyteller