Documenting the love between Beth, her brother, her mother, and boyfriend felt full of joy & presence. There was a dance party, some b-ball, brother flying through the air, and even a few snapshots of a couple of cuties. When I look at these photos, I feel so much of the tenderness, love, and celebration that this family shares. These photos were taken on a day nearing the end of winter, and I love that these are a reminder that you can take photos full of warmth in the winter.


Jas (she/her)

Intuitive Storyteller

The neighbor's dogs decided to peep the action next door-- how could I resist this shot of some beautiful & nosy pups?

To wrap up the session, we snagged a few pics of the cute couple and snapped a few of Beth for her business! Learn more about her work as a therapist at @compassion.practice on instagram!