Howdy, friends!

In the winter months (December, January, and February), outdoor sessions can be a little tricky, and I appreciated C + I’s understanding of Indiana weather and being down to warm each other up during breaks. We popped around Fountain Square near Downtown Indianapolis to capture this time in their lives. I am still feeling the warmth from this cozy engagement session.

For your next winter outdoor session, here are five ways you & your love(s) can warm up and keep warm!

  1. Use your attire to tell a story! Put on that cute lil hat, throw on the scarf, and get real into the wear with gloves, etc.— whatever you need to be warm. Assuming you are not bringing out the ski goggles, the wear adds context to the photos of a crisp, cozy winter scene. 
  2. Stop in to a local coffeeshop, and make it a part of your session. Warm up with a coffee or tea and snag some cute photos of the moment. Grab your drinks to go and enjoy them during the session! 
  3. Hand warmers are my favorite for cold lil fingers! Throw them in your pocket, and then you’ll have them ready for the moments between locations to stay cozy. 
  4. Get warm together! If you’re a cuddle bug, an outdoor winter session is for you. Get close to your love, and stay warm together! 

There really isn't a wrong time of year to have your engagement photos taken. Some of my favorite photos come from these colder months, because the warmth if felt even tho it's chilly.


Jas (she/her)

Intuitive Storyteller