Danae & Rebecca \\ Fall Lake Placid Proposal in Upstate New York (Baxter Mountain)

When Danae asked me if I was open to coming to upstate New York because she was thinking about proposing to Rebecca-- internally, I was squealing with absolute delight. Danae and Rebecca are friends, and witnessing their love is a joy in and of itself, but documenting such a magical moment in a picturesque landscape? Sign. Me. Up.

In typical Danae fashion, she planned and executed the most perfect proposal on top of a mountain during the peak of the beautiful upstate leaves. It was such a fun feeling being a part of a surprise proposal, especially with such dear friends. A few weeks before the proposal, I had a mini session slot open up, and invited Danae and Rebecca to fill the session "for marketing." Rebecca might have been a little confused, but little-did-she-know, it was a part of an elaborate ploy to get them in front of my camera before that big moment (I cannot wait to share those photos!).

When Brit and I got closer and closer to Lake Placid, we noticed the signs for the Flaming Leaves Festival as the leaves began to look more and more like a painting. The scenery was gorgeous and breathtaking. Danae and I shared our locations to ensure that we wouldn't end up face-to-face with each other in the quaint and cute town-- like a little game of spies. Brit and I did a preliminary partial hike up the mountain, Baxter Mountain, the day before and rain cut it short. The next day we set out extra early, feeling every bit of the hikers we are not, and ascended to the lookout point AllTrails indicated would be ideal. Hiking was hard, as it wasn't our thing, but we saw the appeal when it came to the views. Brit and I settled in after tying some yarn (we removed it!) to a few trees as an indicator to Danae that, yes, she was on the right path.

And then! They were there! Danae had told Rebecca that she wanted to get their Christmas photo atop the mountain, so she had them both decked out in their REI best. Before snagging their Christmas photo, Danae had Rebecca turn around to face the stunning view to recreate a a photo and-- that's when she got down on a knee. Rebecca did not see it coming (but I did!). Danae wrote Rebecca a letter, and on the envelope it said "my future wife." The ring was designed using a family gem from Danae's family, and it's a perfect delicate representation of their love. Everything, unsurprisingly, was so intentional, well-thought out, and sentimental. It was perfect and a delight to capture-- even if I may never hike a mountain again. Danae later revealed that she may or may not have ran up the mountain, and Rebecca confirmed her pace was impressive. Brit confirmed that they hiked the mountain in about a third of the time that we did.

Their expressions of joy & love were priceless! (Check out Rebecca's face when she learned I was snapping photos.)

"In your heart, I see the star of every night and every day

In your eyes, I get lost, I get washed away

Just as long as I'm here in your arms

I could be in no better place

You're simply the best."

I am still reeling that I was able to document this moment for these two. Danae and Rebecca are both incredible, kind, and compassionate human beings individually. Witnessing their love together is so warm and infectious. They are genuine and goofy, down-to-earth and joyful. I hope everyone gets a piece of love like that in their lives. It was such an honor to photograph this moment in their journey, and I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding next fall. Congratulations to Rebecca and Danae!

Warmly, Jas

Intuitive Storyteller

(Enjoy the bonus photo below of Brit & I on our hike!)

Be all here.