Magenta Moon // Expired Black & White Film Stock

Magenta Moon is a surf band based in Los Angeles, California. I connected with Joey & Elaina during their brief stay in Indianapolis, IN. We've explored creative portraits over the years & getting to do photos for them is always incredible.

This round we opted for an expired black and white film stock. Expired film can have some fun unpredictable scans - sometimes the scans are grainy, sometimes they're hazy, sometimes the film has become distorted. It's all up in the air but you can generally get expired film for a much cheaper deal. So it's fun to play with! I'll be sharing some non-expired film sessions soon for you to see the difference. If you're interested in adding film to your session, let me know.

I've been lucky to have done a few other creative sessions that you'll likely see here on the blog, as I share some favorite sessions from the archives. Until then, enjoy the nostalgia & funk.


Jas (she/her)

Intuitive Storyteller

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