Jhanji Family In-Home Indianapolis, Indiana Session

It is always a delight to photograph Shola & Lav. This was my first time getting to meet Julian & I've gotta say– I'm a big fan of kiddos! The Jhanji's are such a sweet family, and being able to capture Julian and his joyous personality was a true treat.

I adore in-home sessions– we all know this already. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there is something so magical about being invited into your space to document you & your loves! You’re usually more comfortable, and there is so much of you & this moment of your life embedded into your space. I can memoralize that awesome corner decor moment you’re proud of, and you’ll have a little time capsule of your little enjoying their play room.

Also, let’s be real: me showing up with some big ol camera and a smiling face isn’t always enough for children to be as jazzed up about photos as we might be. I find that when their on their home turf, they’re usually more comfortable, able to work through those natural nerves, and typically are down to show me their fav toys and spots. 

Here’s some fun ideas that you can do with your family in your home during your next family session: 1.) Play your favorite board game! 2.) Cook your fav meal or bake a fav treat. 3.) A family craft! Tie Dye! Make your own playdough! Let’s paint. 4.) Take it outside– forage, snowball fights, bikes & scooters, slip and slide, bubble machine 5.) Family storytime. 6.) A family talent show or tea party– let’s make it an event. This is just a jumping off point– let’s see and lean into where your imagination, inspiration, and creativity goes!

If you have been considering an in-home session, feel free to reach out via my contact form and let's connect via email. Cannot wait to hear what your family wants to get up to!!

Warmly, Jas

Intuitive Storyteller