I’d been putting off posting another blog because I really wanted to share photography. This is a photography business after all. And while this is a photography blog post, it does a wonderful mix of blending two of my favorite things. Creative Portraits and Soul Expression.

I set up donation-based portrait sessions in collaboration with Irvington Counseling Collective to raise money for their BIPOC Mental Wellness Fund and Trans/NonBinary Mental Wellness Fund. Irvington Counseling Collective is local to the East Side of Indianapolis nestled in the Irvington neighborhood. They strive to make mental wellness more accessible & equitable to communities regardless of socioeconomic status by offering income-based sliding scale therapy sessions. Mental Wellness is incredibly important to me & teaming up with ICC was an incredible honor.

Creating the atmosphere for these sessions felt like it all fell into place. I pitched the idea to Irvington Counseling and they offered up their gorgeous space. I reached out to George Thomas, an Irvington local flower shop, and they exceeded all vision I had in my head! Dolores Daze offered up her time to put glitter on attendees & brought some of her burlesque pieces. & I connected with Adam over at Hampton Design Home & Studio for some set elements. (Hampton Design is a queer-owned shop in Irvington. Perfect for gifts!)

I felt so supported that day by the team, by my assistants, by strangers. I am incredibly lucky to have been able to create these images, hold this space, & be here.

Deciding to do this shoot was a desire to do something for my soul vs. business. We are all trapped in the hustle culture, in capitalism, in conformity. Many of us are taught to push away our creativity, our joy, our imagination, our self-trust and self-worth. We lose a part of ourselves in that process. I wanted to remind people of their delicacy. I’m realizing now that seems to be a big part of my creative process. To unearth the side of us that we are taught to keep hidden. To be a mirror for your light. To remind you of your gentleness, your etherealness.

Ethereal / adjective / e·the·re·al

extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.

Let it move your soul.

Song: Know That You Are Loved by Cleo Sol

If you’d like to contribute to making Mental Wellness more accessible to Indianapolis’ marginalized communities, head over to Irvington Counseling Collective and donate what you can. Thank you!

If you or someone you know are in crisis or struggling with mental health, you are worthy of comfort and care.

Both of these options are free, are available resources accessible prior to reaching crisis.

—Text “HOME” to 741741 to connect to a trained counselor. (Crisis Text Line)

—Call 988 to talk to a trained with a trained professional. (988 Suicide Prevention & Crisis Line)*

*988 has specified they will not involve law enforcement without consent.