Morgan & Cassie \\ In-Home Couples Session Indianapolis, IN

I love an in-home session- couples or otherwise. There is something so special about being invited into someone’s home to capture their family, their love, or even a special moment for themself. When Morgan and Cassie were down for a sweet, playful, and cozy couples session inside their home— I was overjoyed. There is a lot that an in-home session uniquely offers.  Being in your own space when a camera is pointed at you is often more comfortable— you’re really used to being there and being authentically you. I notice shaking the pre-session jitters and opening up for the camera happens a little bit quicker on your home turf. Also: your pets deserve their moment too. 

What did you enjoy about having a couples session inside your home? Did you have any worries or expectations?

M: We loved having the session inside our home because that is where we feel most comfortable and safe. We were able to include our cats in the process and that was very important to us. I had worries that maybe our home wouldn't be aesthetically pleasing for pictures, but that was far from the truth. We loved our pics!

Your home does not need to be a potential HGTV segment or Apartment Therapy tour for beautiful, authentic photos to be documented to celebrate this time in your life— it just needs to feel a whole heck of a lot like you. You can share a cup of coffee with your love or bake a yummy treat together for engaging, dreamy photos of everyday moments. Is there a wall you’ve been itching to paint? That would be a really unique, fun, and playful in-home session that I would be doooown to document that process.

Do you feel as if your love was documented in a way that feels authentic to the two of you?

M: Our love was definitely documented in a way that reflects our true nature. Jas helped us feel comfortable and it all felt really natural. We were able to show affection and find connection with each other while having amazing pictures taken. It was so fun!

What would you have to say to future couples who are thinking about having an in-home couples session?

M: Don't worry about if the pictures will turn out "good," because you will be surprised. Focus on having fun with your partner(s) and let the photographer do their job.

"The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned."

— Maya Angelou

If there’s a part of your home you’d like to highlight— like this adorable corner Morgan recently added some cool prints to— it’s a great opportunity to use your home and home decor to tell your story further. I’m a real fan of designing and decorating spaces, so be prepared for a fair bit of swooning over what you’ve got going on. 

What did you enjoy about working with Jasmine Tafoya Photo?

M: Jasmine is truly the best. She is safe, comforting, and wildly talented. She brings an ease and playful energy into sessions, which has always helped me feel more grounded. I will continue working with Jasmine because she is amazing at what she does. She truly cares about people. Thank you again!

Being welcomed into my client’s space is always an honor, in the same way as documenting people’s individual stories.

✹—Thank you to those who choose me to be a part of the process.

Warmly, Jas

Intuitive Storyteller