On Being Seen

Last year, on my birthday, I wrote a blog post on my commitment to be seen in my 28th year of life. The "recovering" perfectionist & "former" overachiever imaged I would write a million blog posts, share my face all the time on IG, & show up VISUALLY more consistently.

Instead, I showed up intentionally & slowly. In whatever fluidity I felt called to or capable of in the moment. I needed that space to show up & see myself. The last few years have been full of both beautiful and painful life transitions, and I am grateful for who I'm becoming throughout being authentically mySelf. Since writing my 28th birthday post, I have continued to deep dived on myself and the way in which I navigate the world around me. I've learned to live life with my anxiety, with my depression, with my neurodivergence, with chronic pain, with my trauma - not with shame but with gentleness. (Big hugs to all former versions of myself.)

For my 29th birthday, my commitment is to be present. To be where my feet are. To reside in my body, as often as I can. I spent much of life wishing to be different, to be someone else, to be worthy, to not be here. This is not the case anymore, and I am grateful for this desire to be alive. I want to be here. I want to enjoy my life. To love as deeply as I love. To feel as deeply as I feel. To be all that encompasses me. To know myself on a deeper level than the past year. To not question my worth. And most importantly, to be me and love every f*cking moment of it.

"I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better." - Frida Kahlo

As I continue on this journey, I invite you to join along. I have a new photography offering: The Authentic Self (link). This will be an evolving project where I will be photographing myself & those of you who feel called to this idea. The Authentic Self is less about the photos and more about you. Documenting you at your core, in this very moment. Leading up to our session we will spend time talking about this season you are in, what it all means to you, how you want to be seen, & why you feel called to have this version of you frozen in time. If you need to talk through ideas or create a starting point, let's collaborate. If you want to talk about what you've been moving through, I've got the desire and willingness to listen. If you've got a whole vision, let's make it a reality.

Reminders to Self:

It's safe to be me. Even when the world has told me it is not.

It's safe to love in this world. Even when anti-LGBTQ+ rights bills are being submitted.

I am home in my body, in my truth. Even when it's scary.

It's important for me to be here. Especially when it's scary.

Warmly, Jas

Intuitive Storyteller (she/her)

Some love from my 28th year.